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 Do you like wigs?

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PostSubject: Do you like wigs?   Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:03 am

Some beauty often worry about glueless lace front wigs will drop hair, remove the hair because they found their own hair also dropped a lot. Actually this is a misunderstanding. Want to know, people every day is will fall hair, like cells, will die a lot every day, the hair off is also a new President come out, the hair and feel out of a lot more than usual, this is because
Finish after hair, at ordinary times off hair off to do not come down, accumulate together, and when you feel lost a lot. But then again, if hair extension technology is not good, also do snap hair, because the hair extension points to distinguish not clean, pick up hair after stress non-uniform, when do up one's hair when the hair to drag off.
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Do you like wigs?
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